Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Begin by not wasting energy

First they cancel a program the Liberals created and then they bring in a similar one and claim it as their own. But according to the CBC the less affluent and poor are left out in the cold.

The Conservative government has unveiled a plan to spend $300 million over four years to encourage homeowners, businesses and industry to use energy more efficiently.

"It's time to recognize that the largest untapped source of energy is the energy we waste," said Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn.

Has he found that out only now?

Ecologists and a variety of politicians, e.g. Guy Joron, Energy Minister of Quebec in his White Book published 30 years ago, have been saying this ought to be the starting point of any sane energy policy for a long, long time.

Listen to some of the differences between the cancelled program and the one Canada's New Government brought in. (In passing, thankfully they have given up calling themselves the "new government" after one year in power. It was about time.)

Video from CBC News