Friday, February 09, 2007

Mr Baird your green tie means nothing

The Tories have no plan to share with Canadians.

Is it because they don't know where they are going?

Baird displayed his ignorance again by referring to Russia with respect to the trading of UN approved emission trading projects. (Please, scroll down to the 5th paragraph at the previous link.) Of 163 UN-approved projects listed, not one is in Russia.

So why are you referring to Russia, again and again, Mr. Baird?

Mr Baird, you know nothing about the portfolio you were appointed to. Or worse, you know and you don't care.

It seems obvious why Harper appointed Baird Environment Minister and it is not because of any qualifications or knowledge he has, it would appear. He is known for his aggressive behaviour and he just gave another good example of it in Parliament yesterday.

Mr Baird, the problem of global warming is not going away by displays of aggressive behaviour, telling stupid little stories, no policy ideas and the wearing of a green tie.

Please keep in mind that as Minister of the Crown you have responsibilities for all Canadians, not just shareholders in oil companies.