Sunday, April 22, 2007

More hot air from John Baird

John Baird on CTV's Question Period April 22, 2007:
"The government will be unveiling its initiatives very soon."
He also said that the Liberals did nothing about Kyoto when they were in power.

Two questions Mr Baird:
What about your party's role as oppostion when (and if) that was the case? Let's not forget that Stephen Harper ridiculed the Kyoto Accord as a money-sucking socialist scheme and promised he would battle to defeat it in 2002. He also questioned the science of climate change. What happened in those five years to convince him of the contrary (if that's what happened)?

John Baird has been sounding like a broken record saying "soon" for months now.
As David Suzuki said on the same program:
"John Baird talks a lot and doesn't listen"

Stephane Dion on CTV's Question Period April 22, 2007:
"In 11 years in politics I have not lied."
One question Mr Dion:
What about the Liberal's Red Book promise of abolishing the GST?