Friday, June 08, 2007

The G8 decided to do nothing about climate ...

... except patting themselves on their own shoulders.

There should be "substantial global emissions reductions", with all major emitters seriously considering halving harmful gases by 2050.
The German chancellor won wide praise even though she failed at the summit of major industrialised nations to win U.S. backing for the fixed emissions targets climate experts say are needed to counter dangerous changes to world weather patterns.
Russia and the US did not sign up to the non-binding pledge by Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Canada and Japan. Acknowledging that the statement is not legally-binding, German chancellor and current G8 host Angela Merkel said she was sure that "no one can escape this declaration." "We have a great success...a major step forward," said the chancellor.

We've had unfulfilled promises about climate by these "leaders" for 17 years now and almost everyone of them set a new record as the hottest on record. Their promises are worth nothing. Just have a look at the bottom of the above linked article about aid promised to Africa at the last G8 meeting in Gleneagles.

Campaigners for Africa say the pledge is made up largely of money which has already been announced, including $30 billion from the United States, and falls short of United Nations targets for extending treatment to tackle AIDS.

"Do they think we can't read or count?" said Bono.

What a bunch of self-serving clowns!

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